Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cupcake Blanket

The cupcake blanket is done and don't be fooled by the top photo, she loves it! Nearly every fabric shopping trip we took, I let the Princess pick out some fabric. It started with cupcakes, moved to dots, cherries, hearts, then when it looked like sports equipment was going to be added, I cut her off and started sewing. Nine patch squares with solid squares and white sashing. I top quilted 2 rows/columns in the sashing which showcases the squares nicely. I also free motioned a heart in the top corner. I used some of my grandmother's fabric at the top and the bottom-to cover her from head to toe! The back is one large single piece of European fabric, so it was just the size I needed (about a full size top), I got it from Bunte Fabrics. It's divine! I miscalculated (hmm, maybe that's why people follow a pattern instead of going maverick) and my back was a tad too small. I ended up making some fat binding to wrap around and reach the back fabric. Crazy, I know. It's a new trend, fat binding, you heard it here first!
If you are worried about mixing too many colors and patterns, don't be. Take it from the expert:

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Claire said...

She is going to take that quilt to college. What a wonderful memory!