Sunday, December 12, 2010

Outside Interest

It's a rainy day today, the river is supposed to reach flood stage in a few hours and we found a leak in the basement. We are staying in to wrap presents (check), make cookies (check) and get every toy out and play with it once (check) and monitor the leak.

On friday, as usual, E and I went to pick up Butters from school and E wanted to bring a pad of paper and a pen. Kids are great at exposing your habits, from the back seat I heard her say, 'Get in the car, check." We pulled up to the school. "Pick up Boy Boy, check." I guess I write lists a lot!

I've become more involved in the neighborhood association and with Snohomish County Democrats. I'm now secretary of my legislative district. I need outside interests and I need things to do or I create my own stress. I'm working on my certification as a postpartum doula, so if you know any pregnant women within a 30 mile radius, send them my way! The kids are getting better at playing on their own, but now I've got to go because they are now wrapping up their toys and one of them has a permanent marker....

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