Saturday, October 30, 2010

One Month!

Eegads! I haven't posted in a month, now that's scary. I started working at from home, so any time I can spare I'm in front of the computer. This ends up being about 15 hours a week and I'm burning the candle at both ends. I'll catch you up as best as I can. I'm also volunteering on the elections whenever I can and still volunteering with the community group. Not much sewing lately but some knitting.

I finished these socks-My Irish Eyes from Socks That Rock.

This little man finished up the fishing season. H started school and is doing well. We already started reading, but it looks like he's got his mother's penwomanship! He had seriously chapped lips at the start of school but things are under control. We've been busy with birthday parties nearly every weekend.
This little lady started school! She's actually squatting in this photo and was convinced it was ballet school, hence this pose! I struggled to find a program to take a young three year old, but we found a great fit, E walked in and proclaimed it her school and told me, "See you later." She can count to 13, knows all the colors and shapes and started making letters. To tarnish her perfect image, she won't try new foods and survives on bagels and macaroni and cheese.

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jad said...

Woot for the update on Prudden House! So busy, make sure you fit some Me time in there.