Saturday, September 18, 2010

Crafty Times

In between the trips, school drop off, grocery store and other daily life, I sneak off to the basement to do a little sewing. Here's what I've accomplished this summer between the hours of 8:30 and 10 pm!

Scrap Sock Monkey Baby Quilt-it became more of a changing pad! I loved piecing this and playing with the layout, it's entirely from scraps from P. Mookie, but it's probably too sturdy and small to really wrap a baby up in. The good news, babies come in all sizes, so at some point you can fit an infant on this to lay on, or change a diaper if you really hate it!
This is the back of Sock Monkey, I realized a bit late you should line up the quilting, so I sacrificed a bit and re-did part of it so the quilting actually lined up to the back rows. I didn't do any vertical quilting, hope it's okay.

A little Stacked Coin-type baby blanket. I think brown would have been a nice choice for the solid sections, but it's still nice for a little girl to be born in November. Notice, no white! I like color but admittedly, this choice was a bit off.

Sandwich wraps for some of my favorite San Francisco ladies. I made a template for these and I have this down to a quick sew, I should sell these on Etsy! Would you buy one?


merseydotes said...

Hey that sock monkey quilt looks familiar! 8-) Seriously, I absolutely love it, Megs. I think it's the perfect size to tuck around a baby in a stroller or carseat. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

P. Mookie said...

Beautiful, creative work Geatter.

You put lots of little pieces together to make something very special.