Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer Trip-Mammoth

We drove down to Mammoth Caves from Northern Kentucky, about a 3 hour drive. We met up with my sister who drove from Florida. We rented a big cabin for the night. We did the River Styx tour, which is only offered 5 weeks out of the year and only one tour a day. It's a 2.5 mile hike and 2.5 hours. The tour guide was very informed and funny. The youngest rode like a princess the first half, she even fell asleep. But too many steps and once we hit Fat Man's Misery and she had to wake up and walk by herself. Both kids did great on the hike.
Tan Floridians in a dark and damp and cold cave!

The Flashlight-hours of entertainment!

Fat Man's Misery, worn smooth by years of people walking past, some wearing the rocks down more than others! The trip ends with 500 stairs up to the top, both kids walked every one. People commented on how well they hiked, but I never really used a stroller so I suppose they are used to it! The tour took you down to the lowest and newest part of the cave and you peer into a deep hole to see the river. This area floods as the river rises during rain. The Princess enjoyed the mud, singing, "Mud, mud, I love mud!" Both kids did not like Absolute Darkness. The highlight of the trip, my sister asking a Park Ranger where the "River Phoenix" tour starts!

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jad said...

Holy crap, Batman! An actual full on frontal pic of your sis! I'm going to faint.