Friday, May 14, 2010

Snow in May

For Mother's Day, DH told the kids they had to do whatever mom wanted. So, I slept in! We had a wonderful breakfast-vegetarian biscuits and gravy then we took a hike. I've been wanting to hike to the ice caves in Granite Falls. We packed a lunch and hit the road. My camera ran out of juice after the top, but here are some family snap shots. This was a perfect family hike-2.2 miles round trip with a lot of changes, you start in a marsh/bog, cross bridges over streams and rivers, then you are walking through big trees. Then, you are at the base of a glacier! Butters did the whole thing without complaint and the Princess was carried in a back carrier and on our shoulders.

We heard and saw avalanches, a first for all of us, it reminded me of the power of nature and the need to heed warning signs. I was happy to get back away from the snow and back in the forest. That night, we had another first for me and DH-a date night with a babysitter. We had a nice relaxing dinner and then we went to the grocery store for cat litter! How exciting! Next time, we'll do better and plan for a movie or roller skating or bowling.


friend said...

happy mother's day, friend!! looks like a great one. big hugs all around. xoxoxo.

P. Mookie said...

OMG, I didn't realize how big the mountain was until I saw the itty bitty people at the bottome. Stunning photo.

Seeing the Princess standing next to you also gives another perspective on her height. In photos of just her, she looks so big and it turns out she isn't!

Princess looks like her darling daddy. And Butters...well, it's like looking at you in your youth.