Friday, June 5, 2009

Hot House

We survived the first heat wave of the summer. Temperatures reached the 90s in the city....and mid 80s in our house. We have no air conditioning, this ment we ate our meals outside (even breakfast!), we were swinging topless by 8 am and often naked running through the yard and in the inflatable pool (no photos).

Indoor time was predominately spent building forts by 'taking apart the couch' and searching out air conditioned areas like the museum or cool spots like Silver Lake and the Spray Park at Forest Park.
The nights are rough, our upstairs has the fewest windows and we have to leave them cracked for child safety (don't laugh, several kids have fallen out of windows this week, according to the news). It reminds me of growing up in KY and laying in front of a fan on a hot humid night wishing for a/c. It was easily over 85 up there on a few nights.
The Girl is sleeping better and now sharing a room with Butters, she's not up every 2 hours looking for me, she's usually sleeping from 8:30 pm until 2 or even 4 am, I didn't want to say anything and ruin it (well, Butters is up around 12 asking for water, wanting to snuggle, etc). We forgot what it's like to have our own room, I got to stay up late and read in my own bed with the light on! I finally read Twilight and I'm obsessed, it's addictive and a real page turner, I finished it in about 24 hours.

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jad said...

I'd die w/o a/c, props to you for living w/o it. I've been trying to get Mer to read Twilight too! A little advice, don't see the movie til you've read all the books. I'm glad you love it like I do. I was addicted from the first book as well. I'm dying to know how the Lowell Park event went so drop a line about it!!!!