Thursday, March 20, 2008

Blog worthy

I've been having a bad few weeks and wondering if this is blog worthy or not. Should I bore you with details of my day and one frustration after another? Does this help other moms to know that you are not alone? I started my day with another person's poo on my arm and at 11:00 pm I'm still doing things for other people. I sometimes turn into Mean Mommy and talk in ways I don't want to, I condescend, I'm sarcastic, I'm grouchy. I become a person I don't want to be. But, I figured you don't really want to hear this. I expect too much out of my kids and myself. I need to stop sweating the small stuff, enjoy my days, forget the nights and cut back on the caffeine. I haven't had a decent night sleep in years-YEARS! I think it's starting to make me crazy, which one the sleep or the caffeine? All of it. Knitting is the thing I do for myself, it's keeping me sane right now.

I guessed the ailment before House on a repeat the other night-chimera's, is that blog worthy? Yes, I'm talking about TV. It felt like one of the first times I've used my brain in nearly 3 years.

Spring is on the way, things are always easier when the sun is shining.

I did catch some time to sew a cushion cover for the bench seat my man built for Baby E. If she ends of taking it to college, I'll make a new one and I'll fix the mistakes on this one. But, I'm not a do-over kind of person, so I'll leave it as is.


Carrie said...

I suppose it ultimately depends on who your blog is really for. Mine is for me, so if it's noteworthy to me, if I want to remember it later, then it's worthy. :)

Besides.. life is way too short to redo cushion covers!

Clizz said...

As long as the person's poo on your arm isn't T's, then I think you're doing okay. :)

There is no need for perfection. You are one fabulous mama! I love you!!!

jenny said...

I hope that writing about your trials and triumphs helps you as much as reading about them helps me. Keep it coming, the good and the bad!

P. Mookie said...

No one knows about any sewing mistakes unless you tell them. The cushion looks TERRIFIC. Stripes going a nice way (notice I did not say correct way cause there is none) and it fits!

I love your blog...the good and the challenging.

If life were a merry-go-round, you would be bored. Roller-coaster makes it so much more fun.