Saturday, October 13, 2007

"Baby Come Out,"

Those were the immortal words of Butters on Friday morning when he woke up to discover he has a baby sister!

We are all doing well. More details to follow, here are her stats:

Born at home on October 12, at 3:06 am
Weight: 7.5 lbs
Length: 21 inches
Name: Eleanor Meredith


Jenny said...

Welcome Eleanor! Take care Megs.

Sara said...

Yay! So glad to see the little girl, and all of you at home. You need to update your blog heading! I love her name.

Liane said...

Congratulations! Two children and already up and blogging. How is it? She is beautiful.

merseydotes said...

She looks so much like Butters!

Congrats, and so glad all went well. I can't believe how good you look after giving birth!

Can't wait to meet Eleanor and LOVE the name. 8-) Nice job with the decoy poll btw the way.

P. Mookie said...

The hair....the there any sign of red?

Butters is look fantastic and Eleanor...she's a beauty.

I'm excited to meet Eleanor.

Sara said...

Congratulations Megan! She's a cutie. Hope you're all doing well and getting some rest.

Shell said...

Wooo hooo! She's very cute. Glad to hear family, mommy and baby are well and home. Can't wait to read the new adventures of Eleanor.